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We three officials from Brussels are,
Imposing policy from afar
Closing places
That are disgraces
Such as this low manger here.

Ox and ass  should not be stalled
 Where this baby is installed
There should be walls
between the stalls -
By the way, what's the baby called ?

Jesus ? That name is not on our list.
Which means, I'm afraid, it doesn't exist.
You could have Yves
or Heinz or Steve,
But not Jesus, madam. No, we insist.

This stable looks extremely unfit.
Have you got permission for it ?
Planning, we mean.
And it' s rather unclean
And very inefficiently lit....

This crib is not securely made       
Is this frankincense duty paid ?
This ivy and holly
may look very jolly
But you must not engage in wild flower trade

We three officials from Brussels hail,
Sending jewel thieves to jail.
So this gold and myrrh
Could put you in stir,
Though as a new mother, you might get bail.

Yes, we three officials from Brussels fare,
Making spot checks here and there,
You don't know us from Adam,
But believe us, madam,
We could take baby Jesus into care.


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© Caroline Kington
© Caroline Kington