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Mills and Bang

The success of Mills & Bang, Moreover Enterprises’ new imprint which satisfies both male and female fantasies, seems unstoppable. The secret of these tender, thunderous novels is that they are as soft as an eyelash, yet as uncompromising as a kick in the shin with an army boot. Accordingly we present to eager readers a small run-down of new titles on our list.

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A Sporran for Shirley
Horizons of Love by Gwendolen Fastnet

High in the skies over Dorking the Spitfire and Messerschmidt twisted and turned, each trying to gain ascendancy over the other. ‘Hurricane’ Kate, at the controls of the Spitfire, had already shot down twenty Huns, yet she knew that this time she had an opponent worthy of her.
‘Got you now!’ she whispered, as she turned and banked towards the sleek shape of the German plane. But all she saw was empty sky. Glancing back over her shoulder, she saw with horror the Messerschmidt coming down out of the sun. There was no way she could escape now. With resignation, she patted her hair into shape and closed her eyes.
‘We’ll meet again, Weiss nicht where, Weiss nicht wann,’ said her radio softly. She opened her eyes, just in time to see the enemy cockpit flash past and a cheery face wink at her. Johnny von Arnsdorf! The one they called the Handsome Hun. How she hated him. Horribly humiliated, she realized that he had just spared her life.
‘I’ll get you, Johnny,’ she vowed. And so indeed she would. But she never suspected that it would be as Mrs Johnny von Arnsdorf, after twists and turns of fate that would leave history breathless

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beneath a far flag The Silken Sands by Trudi Blessed

‘We do not normally take women in the Foreign Legion, ‘ said Major Pierre Danois. He paused, regarding the way her trim figure fitted into the uniform. ‘And yet, in your case… I presume you are joining to forget a great and tragic love?’
‘Not at all,’ said Joan briskly. ‘I am looking for adventure, a hard life and a bit of a sun-tan.’
Adventure came sooner than she thought. That evening she was pinned in a corridor of the fort by an unshaven Yugoslav recruit called Yukovic, who smelt of cheap wine. His hands started to explore her uniform.
‘I have never had a girl from Guilford,’ he leered.
‘Nor will you, laddie!’ sang out a voice. It was Alec, the cheery Glaswegian she had met earlier. But before Alec could move, Joan had kneed Yukovic in the groin, chopped him to the back of the neck and kicked him twice expertly as he sank groaning to the floor.
‘This fort needs cleaning up and I aim to see it gets done,’ said Joan clearly as she strode past the open-mouthed Alec. Behind a hidden screen, Major Danois smiled and twirled his moustache. He would break this little desert beauty before long, he thought, which showed how little he knew about girls from Guilford.

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Hot Summer Campaign The Hot Summer Campaign by Wendy Thrumb

On the retreat through Greece in front of the advancing Germans, Captain Leonard Tasker felt strangely protective towards the 3,000 men and 3,000 mules under his command. He also felt strangely protective towards Xenia, the proud Greek peasant girl who had attached herself to the company, even though accommodation was desperately hard to find for her.
‘Hope you don’t mind me mentioning it to you, sir,’ said the old sergeant to him one day, ‘but the men are beginning to talk about the way that girl sleeps in your tent at night.’
‘Heavens,’ said Leonard, flushing. ‘Surely they don’t think there’s anything…’
But Leonard’s loyalties are sharply divided when Xenia, out foraging for yoghurt, is captured by the Germans. Should he continue the retreat without her, or turn and fight them for possession of the girl whom he finds so inexplicably fascinating despite not being able to understand a word she says? A taut epic of revenge, pursuit and military incompetence, with many riveting details about mule maintenance 

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SAS Sally, by Lavinia Spittle; No Funeral for Lucy, by Gloria Platoon; Snipers Beware, by Frieda Wellington; The Platinum Blonde Captain, by Kitty O’Trench; etc, etc.

Moreover 1985