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March 26th 1998

Dear David Lovegrace,

I really am not in the business of delivering judgement on other people’s writing – life is far too short, etc – but I have raced through your samples and I honestly find them hard to make head or tail of. I think this is because they are couched in legalese, and are making fun of things legal, and therefore I am inclined to think that if published at all, they should be published in a legal setting – solicitor’s magazines etc – where they will be found funny.

If you do send them somewhere else, I would seriously advise you to a) make them legible, as people do not submit things in handwriting any more b) send return postage, as most people will be tempted to throw submissions away if not accompanied by SAE. I am made of softer stuff. But please don’t send me anymore. I can’t say anything else.

yours sincerely

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