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Jonathan Miller
London NW1                                                                                 Feb 1 1979

Dear Jonathan Miller,
            Good God, is it February already? Sometimes I try to convince myself that time can be slowed down by carrying on with January 32, January 33, etc, but it’s never worked yet.
            It was nice to meet you again not so long ago in the unlikely circumstances of a visit to Superman. (A propos – I had to go to my daughter’s school, Godolphin, yesterday, and spotted a sixth form notice on the board: ”If you think Superman’s hunky, wait till you see Jonathan Miller!” followed by details of membership of the fan club, which I won’t bore you with. I wanted to add, in an anonymous hand, “Jonathan Miller couldn’t wait to see Superman”.)  I wonder if you remember the time we nattered about a book that my colleague in Instant Sunshine, David Barlow, has coming  from the OUP – “Sexually Transmitted Diseases – The Facts”? I happened to mention our conversation to Alan Coren a few days later and he said in those enthusiastic tones which editors adopt when lamp bulbs marked IDEA flash above their heads, “Why don’t you ask Jonathan to review it for us when the time comes?” And here I am to ask you. It will be out in the spring – not sure of the exact date yet. It’s an interesting subject; Barlow has lectured me keenly on the subject from time to time and plainly reserves for the subject all the excitement that other people tend to lavish on rock music or football.
            Let me know at your leisure how you feel. I Just hope you aren’t directing five different operas that month.
                                    yours sincerely


PS Our books coverage, I hasten to add, is quite normal. Not satirical or even laughable.

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