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Now is the time to plan next summer’s holiday, so today’s column is devoted to holiday information and all the advertising that goes with it.

Still easily the most popular place of all for a holiday is Europe, that friendly little continent tucked away to the north of Africa. Here whether on the long sandy beaches of southern Europe (one popular bit is called Spain and another, very similar, is known as Italy) or in the historic tree-clad slopes of northern Europe, a holiday can be found to suit every taste. You will treasure for ever the memory of the fishermen twanging their nets at sundown or a friendly Italian pressing on you some twelfth-century art treasure, to take home.

Europe, too, is a continent of great cities. Florence, Paris, Bruges are all immensely popular, so this year why not try somewhere more off the beaten track? Padstow in Cornwall, for instance, is a charming little rock-girt township on the water-clad slopes of the River Camel. And it would make a wonderful centre for day outings to such unforgettable places as Newquay, Bodmin and Wadebridge.

To the east of Europe lies Asia, the mysterious landmass which stretches from the salt-encrusted slopes of Siberia in the north to China in the south, where they prefer soy sauce. The adventurous traveller will cherish for ever the memory of Russians twanging their nyets at sundown, or smiling Manchurian horsemen spontaneously inviting you to share their traditional horse-milk shakes round the horse-dung fire. The cuisine is a little strange at first, especially if you are used to the luscious clotted cream and jam teas of Cornwall, but well worth the effort. (For more about the Far East, send for our booklet: All Wok and Noh Play)

South lies Africa, stretching from the dorp-strewn veldt of South Africa in the south to the mirage-clad slopes of the Sahara at the other end, and here can be found a holiday to suit every taste, except perhaps an unforgettable West Country fishing trip. It was from fabulous Carthage in the north that the ancient Phoenicians set sail to round Gaul and discovered the legendary land of Cornwall, and although little now remains one can sense still the immense heritage of Roman days in the quiet side streets of somewhere like Marrakesh or Padstow.

No travel survey would be quite complete without mentioning the American wonderland, stretching from the Alaskan wastes in the north to the Patagonian wastes in the south, with rather more interesting bits in between. North America, for instance, discovered and opened up by hardy mariners from the little seaports of Cornwall, or South America and its Inca ruins which, though not in the same class as the standing stones of the Cornish interior, are still a source of perpetual wonder. Whether here, or in the far-off lands of Australia and New Zealand with their British traditions(did you know there was a town in New Zealand called Padstow?) you are certain to find a holiday to suit all tastes and unforgettable memories. (For more information on any of the holidays mentioned in this supplement, send for the brochure Time Off in North Cornwall)

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