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mussolini: a kind of small shellfish.
cellini: several small cellos.
risorgimento: a cheap peasant dish made from the leftovers of several risorgimentos.
cosi fan tutte: a kind of Neapolitan ice cream with five different colours.
Cognoscenti: a very ancient Roman family who own most of the props used in Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”.
autostrada: racetrack.
Borgia: a top make of Italian racing car.
fellini: several small films.
perry como: a cheap kind of Italian wine made from pears.
basso profundo: after thirty, most Italian woman develop a basso profundo.
il miglior fabbro: T.S. Eliot’s favourite Italian proverb, which meant “It’s better at Faber’s”.
e pericoloso sporgersi: a delicious Genoese speciality made from eggs, spinach and cuttlefish.
garibaldi: disparaging term for an ageing American film star.
Sotte Voce: Tony Bennett’s real name.
Uomo Universale: highly successful Italian film company specialising in multilingual westerns.
andante cantabile: term applied to a slow but cheerful waiter.
pasta: basic commodity which can be shaped into different products such as stucco, fresco, baldacchino or terra cotta.
Gnocchi: the most famous of all Italian clowns.
Concerto Grosso: Tony Bennett’s real name.
la donna e mobile: Italian garageman’s phrase – literally “the thing that connects the engine is working loose.”
Sal Volatile: one of a number of legendary Italian art thieves (others include Ben Trovato, Al Fresco and Tony Bennett)
papa: derisive comment on the supposed celibacy of the Pope.
allegro ma non troppo: kind of Italian male who will pinch bottoms but go no further; also basso continuo.
mario e franco: sundry items on a restaurant bill.
mazzini: small kind of tasty biscuit.
chianti: the art of guessing how much wine is left in the bottle behind the straw.
lamborghini: delicious kind of sparking-plug.
tempo giusto: weather forecast.
scampi: Italian journalists.
Tempo Rubato: Tony Bennett’s real name.
con amore: service not included.
e pur si muove: “if it moves, pinch it.”
antonioni: the state of not being able to grasp that a film has just finished.
commedia dell’arte: film festival

Punch October 6 1971


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