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The Chairman of BBC Scotland has called for the composition of a new Scottish national anthem, which can be sung at the beginning of sporting events to counterbalance "God Save The Queen"…

A New Scottish anthem

Now that the match is almost started,
Now that the teams are on the scene,
Raise your voices in common purpose
- Drown the singing of "God Save The Queen"!
We don't want a Sassenach song;
We want something braw and strong,
So we've brought our ain refrain along:
"I'm a'right Jock, I'm a'right!"

Stand up, stand up for Scotland,
Stand up and wave the flag
Pass round the flask of Teacher's
And gie us another fag!

Oh, say you can hear the referee's whistle!
Say, can you hear it's silvery tone?
No, all I hear is the noise of Scotsmen
- The Hampden roar v. the Wembley groan!
So wave your tammy in the tartan sea,
Wave your scarf for the land of the free
And make rude signs if you're on TV
"I'm a'right Jock, I'm a'right!"

Stand up, stand up for Scotland,
Or fall down on the ground;
We'll all hail the St John's stretcher
The next time it comes round.

Does anybody here know what the score is?
Does anyone give a damn!
All that matters is another chorus,
Another meat pie and another dram!
Fling yourselves intae the fray,
Take another swig and sway, boys, sway,
For Hogmanay comes every day!
"I'm a'right Jock, I'm a'right!"

Stand up, stand up for Scotland
Fling your empties straight and true,
But be sure to keep one handy
- There's an awfie long queue at the loo.

Now that the game is over and done with,
Now that we – or they - have won,
Let's go and paint the town bright tartan,
The evening's work is no' begun!
Dream teams to pick for the next World cup,
Fish suppers to eat, more heavy to sup,
And tomorrow we'll feel like death warmed up!
- "But I'm a'right Jock, I'm a'right!"

Drink up, drink up for Scotland,
Raise high your cairry-oot,
Cry loud and clear, and full of beer,
The old cry:" It's ma shout!"

So here's to the land that gave you whisky,
Here's to the land that gave you rain,
Here's to the Sabbath and early closing,
And the broken windows in the Glasgow train!
And what though the bars all shut at ten,
Through evil laws made by Englishmen
- My cairry-oot's full of cans again!
"I'm a'right Jock, I'm a'right!"

Throw up, throw up for Scotland –
What if you're feeling rough?
Throw up! And damned be any man
Who first cries "Huad – enough!"

Punch on Scotland 1977


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